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J.D. Stratton Electric offers a variety of systems:
* wind turbines

Effective immediately I will no longer be excepting windmill repairs unless installed by J.D. Stratton Electric, Llc
Do to the high cost of repairs you are better off installing solar instead.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


* solar power
* on-grid or off-grid system

Links to area solar installations :

Glen Lake System solar production data click here
System Size: 2.1 kw, Estimated Avg. Monthly Output: 264 kWh
Midland System solar production data click here
System Size: 1.98 kw, Estimated Avg. Monthly Output: 215 kWh

You need to know before a site assessment:
1. Does your township allow wind turbines or solar to be placed on your property? Contact your local zoning administrator.
2. A year's worth of your electrical usage. This can usually be found on your electric bill or gotten from your electric power provider.
Once you know these two things, then you should give us a call today to get on your way to living with natural energy.



Frequently Asked Questions:
Where should I put the solar panels?
Well everybody has their own opinion on that. I feel that solar panels should not be on the roof of a building. They should be near the ground where you can reach them. Couple of reasons for that, number one is safety. You are going to have to keep the panels free of dirt and snow. Second they work better off the roof because of the heat. Since the panels are conductors they will work much better staying cool.
Do solar panels work in the Winter or when it is cloudy?
YES! Solar panels work as long as there is light. I do not know of many days when there is no light. In the Winter panels work very will because of the cold days and the sun reflecting off the snow which intensifies the light. When snow piles up on the panels you need to get it off because they will not work. Most of the time it will melt or just take a brush and push the snow off. Then you will be back in business.
Do the solar panels use batteries?
None of the systems I currently have installed use any batteries. They are all grid-tie interactive systems. You can see down below about wind turbines and batteries it is exactly the same process. Now thats not to say that you couldn't have batteries for an off-grid system or one for stand-by power.
What size property do I need?
You need at least an acre of property and it should be 120' wide. Most townships only allow towers that are 60' tall and the tower needs to be able to stay on your property if it should fall over. But check with your local township zoning administrator.
It is always windy at my house?
That maybe true, but is the wind blowing enough to turn the blades on the wind turbine. Most wind turbines need 8mph to even produce electricity. Anything under that speed it is just spinning and producing nothing. Also is the wind straight enough to keep the turbine turned into the wind and not turning back and forth because it is to turbulent wind.
How tall is the tower?
Wind turbines towers start with a 60' tower and go up from there. Most turbine use a pier type base which about 30"X12' deep.The Bergey has five tower sizes: 60', 80', 100', 120'and 140'. The start at 60' tower is the minium height that I recommend to all my potential wind turbine customers.
Evance towers are 45' and 60'
Does the power go into batteries?
No, the power goes into your electric service in your house. The home uses all the power first and anything that is left over goes back on the grid, where you receive a credit on your electrical bill from your power company. That credited amount is the same as you pay for a kilowatt hour. If the turbine is not generating enough power it brings in power back in from the grid at the price your utility company currently charges.
What is my pay back?
When buying a wind turbine or solar panels today you are hedging yourself against future higher energy costs at today's prices. I would say ten years, plus. It is all relevant to the wind, if there is no wind the turbine makes no power. The price of these turbines are not going to get any cheaper as the cost of shipping, material, and the cost electricity continue to rise it will only cost more. Every day that a person does not have a turbine running on their property the further away that pay back is.
Do I do off-grid systems for solar and wind?
The answer is YES! I can design a off-grid system for you. I have several that I'm currently working on. I have a few that are still connected to the grid that are battery backup too.
General pricing of solar
I hope this answers a lot of people's questions, if not feel free to ask me anything that I have not covered here in this Q&A.

There is a $50 charge for a site visit for anyone over 1 hour from Beulah.