Jeffery D. Stratton

I would like to take this time to introduce myself and my company. I am Jeffery D. Stratton, President and Master Electrician of J.D. Stratton Electric, LLC. We offer service in Benzie county and the surrounding area. I started in the electrical field over twenty years ago, and started J.D. Stratton Electric in 1995. I enjoy working for myself, and having the flexibility to set my own schedule to meet my customer's needs. I am a life long resident of Michigan. I have lived in both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, but I love the west side of Michigan because of the lakes. I take great pleasure being on the water, and enjoy both power boating and sailing. I live in Beulah. I enjoy all the seasons and the activities that come with seasonal changes. I love combining being outdoors and using technology in the activity of geocaching, also both skiing downhill and lately cross-country.
I have a lot of new ideas and I am excited to offer alternative energy solutions to northern Michigan. I believe it is important to be a steward of our natural resources, and I know that "going green" is becoming an important option for many of us. I am able to offer traditional electrical services and solar or wind power solutions to help us achieve living with natural energy. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them achieve the results that they are looking for in their various projects. I hope you will consider us as your electrical contractor, or contact us for possible alternative energy solutions. Thanks for taking the time to look at my web site today. Sincerely, Jeff Stratton